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CBBC Guide to Rounders   
The aim of rounders is to hit a ball with a bat and then run around four bases to score a run...

Dorset Rounders Association   
News, fixtures, results and tables from the Dorset Rounders Association.

El Segundo Rounders Fastpitch Club   
The El Segundo Rounders are a NAFA Class 'A' team and 2001 & 2002 back-to-back Las Vegas Spring Swing Tournament Champions.

Erne Eagles Rounders Club   
We are the National League Winners 2002, All Ireland Mens Senior Champions 1998 - 2002 and Minor Mixed All Ireland Champions 2001.

HickokSports.com History of Rounders   
Rounders is, almost unquestionably, baseball's immediate ancestor. Primarily a boys' sport in England, it was mentioned, along with baseball, in a 1744 publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book.

Hit and Miss Rounders League   
13 ladies teams playing in two divisions in the UK.

National Rounders Association   
Rounders is a national sport, played in local leagues. Learn more about it here from the National Rounders Association.

Rough Neck Rounders Club   
Rouders is a great game and shall live forever. Learn the basic rules on this website for the Rough Neck Rounders Club.

Rounders Association of Ireland   
Rounders is a G.A.A. sport, and is one of the four official G.A.A. sports, the others being Gaelic football, hurling and handball.

A look at the origins of the sport of the rounders, by Mal Stylo.

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